Climate change and Kids at Copenhagen


Hi kids, have you heard that our climate is changing..? Yes, it is going to be a very big problem in the future affecting all of us… When it rains in future, it will rain heavily with big thunders, scaring us all… and the times without rain will get lengthier, making all our friendly animals thirsty. 

But do you know how our climate is going to change..? It is because our earth is getting hotter. 

At Copenhagen 'Children's Climate Forum'


Sun; the burning hot ball in the sky sends its rays to the earth to heat us. That heat is too much, so the earth sends back the unwanted rays. But because all the gases like carbon dioxide gets collected as a curtain around the earth, more and more heat is trapped in our earth, raising earth’s temperature. 

We call these bad gases Green House gases. Even the ice mountains where penguins and polar bears live will be turned into water, so our sea levels too will rise. Take an ice cube out of the fridge; it will melt in a minute. The same will happen, if the earth’s temperature rises. 

Take a deep breath, hold it and then exhale. Do you know that you too have emitted carbon dioxide to the atmosphere..? But don’t worry; it is not a very big amount. What scientist uncles worry about is smoke that goes out from factories, power plants and vehicles. 

So, world leaders gathered at the city of Kyoto in Japan a few years ago and promised to reduce producing these bad green house gases. But rich countries like USA and Canada did not agree to this, even though they produce these green house gases more than others. 

It is not good to break a promise, but countries could carry out only a few things that they planned. So these scientists and leaders of the world are gathering again at Copenhagen in Denmark these days to discuss what they are going to do to reduce these bad green house gases.

It really is a big conference organized by the United Nations (UN) organization, with 160 countries of the world participating. Presidents and Prime ministers of many countries too will be 

coming to Copenhagen to make their promises. 

Kids around the world gathered last week at the city of Copenhagen to make their promises at the
Children’s Climate Forum. There were 165 kids like you, from 44 countries who participated at this meeting. Do you know that the countries of some of these kids will be badly affected by climate change..? 

Maldives – our neighbouring country consists of little islands.  They will go under water when the sea level goes up. Our friends in Nepal and India will also be in trouble as large ice mountains in the Himalayas turn to water. This change will be good for bad insects like mosquitoes. 

Kids’ wishes – join hands to save the world

So these kids who gathered at Copenhagen signed their wishes and pasted them on a tree for all the leaders to see and make a promise to save the world. Would you like to help slow down global warming together with the kids who met at Copenhagen..? 

Well, you too can do a lot. If you see an unnecessary light, switch it off immediately. Ask your mom to always switch off all the electronic items without keeping them on standby when not in use. 

Turn off the taps too. Plant a tree on your next birthday and look after it. Trees collect carbon dioxide from the air, so it is a great way to remove CO2.


Our country too will be affected. But if you do what you can do, together with your friends, you can help to slow the heating of the world. The kids who met at Copenhagen will also tell their friends about this dangerous climate change. So you too should tell your friends and join hands to fight it!! 

Published on FundayTimes on 20.12.2009

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