New lemurs at Dehiwela Zoo


The pair of Ring-tailed lemurs in the zoo are so cuddlesome that you’d definitely remember them. They have a spacious, shady cage with a few trees inside. They love to jump around the cage. Did you know this pair of lemurs got some new friends, a few weeks ago..?

Last month, the Dehiwala Zoo received a second pair of Ring-tailed lemurs from United Kingdom’s Rare Species Conservation Centre. Infact these lemurs are friends of the pair of lemurs who came to the Dehiwala Zoo earlier this year. This pair of lemurs had fallen sick at the time they were to be shipped, so had to wait until their veterinary surgeons gave them the ok. They finally arrived in Sri Lanka in September.

Now the group of friends are together and play happily in their cage. They sometimes play hide and seek or chase one another. The zoo keepers have provided a nice hammock for them to spend the night.

Though these lemurs came from the UK, their wild relatives are native to Madagascar. Remember King Julian in the film Madagascar – these lemurs belong to the same family. Lemurs are primates.

Ring-tailed lemurs are the most common lemur species in the world. If you visit the Dehiwala Zoo, don’t
forget to see these lemurs.

published on FundayTimes on 03.10.2010 –

2 Responses to “New lemurs at Dehiwela Zoo”

  1. dee Says:

    Nice. but a recent edition of the Nat geo mad has a spread on madagascar and how the government is doing everything but protect the flora and fauna of the country. there is a disturbing picture of a cooked lemur as game is a main diet of poachers and worker who clear the forests. 😦

    • Jojo Says:

      Oh, so you don’t eat chicken, beef, pork or fish dee? Don’t complain unlees you’re a vegetarian.

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