from UN Biodiversity Conference – COP10

Word’s Biodiversity is facing an extinct crisis and UN’s Convention of Biological Diversity (CBD) signed in 1992 is meeting in Nagoya, Japan to set a new strategic planning for next decade aiming to protect earth’s biodiversity. Currently 190 countries has signed the Convention and the discussions are underway to adopt a new strategic plan. Following photos are taken during the event.
For more information abou this 10th Conference of Parties (COP10), pls visit 

Flags of the 190 signatory countries of UN's Convention of Biological Diversity (CBD)


Venue of COP10 - Congress Centre

Working group II - the Chair

2010 - the Year of Biodiversity

AHMED DJOGHLAF - the Executive Secretary of CBD

from a BirdLife International event


A press conference

A meeting on progress

A Kakapo bird made out of kids' messages

A message - Save Kakapo

Media covering the event


From an event


Youth power at COP10 - Biodiversity dance

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