COP10 – The Biodiversity Knowledge Fair


The UN biodiversity summit COP10 held in Nagoya – Japan ended with some important agreements. While the main discussions with official delegates from 192 countries together with European Union who signed the UN Convention of Biological Diversity is happening, there were hundreds of side events been organized elsewhere in Nagoya Congress Centre. These side-events ranging from announcements of results of research to launching of new initiatives on protecting Global Biodiversity made COP10 a ‘KNOWLEDGE FAIR’. The exhibition and freely available publications on Biodiversity in the venue too made sure it a global event of knowledge sharing.

You can read the list of these side events at following link and contact CBD officers for more infomation on anything that you’d like to get more information

Please find some of the pics that captured the moments of these side events and exhibition at COP10. Outcome of some of these important side events will also be covered through this blog in the future…

from the Side-event Media Workshop on Biodiversity

from a BirdLife International side event

from Global Marine protected areas side event

Announcing an alliance on Protecting Biodiversity

A Kakapo made with the wishes by Kids

The Globe with Origamis on Web of Life

A dance on life by youth in COP10

Participants go through freely available publications on Biodiversity







The Entrance of Nagoya Convention Hall at early morning on 29.10.2010.. This area is usually full of activities, but it was deserted at the time I left the convention hall around 5.45 am working overnight to finish my articles. I didn’t wanted to waste my day time at the expense of missing some important sessions for writing, so I had taken the night time to do my writing. Even the next day sessions were dragged passing 6am. Reporting CBD COP10 was not an easy task because I’ve also set an additional objective of using it as a ‘knowledge fair’; but it was the single most event which had given me lots of opportunities to get updated on earth’s Biological Diversity and the need to conserve it..!!

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