Tragic End of Galgamuwa Tusker


The Galgamuwa Tusker – a truly majestic elephant that owned the largest tusks for a living wild elephant in Sri Lanka has died on 21.Nov tragically.  

True – every living being will meets its inevitable death sooner or later. I’ve seen many that had been died and elephants being killed as a result of Human elephant conflict are now common. But nothing has shaken me as the footage of tragic death of Galgamuwa Tusker.

The floor boards of the lorry used for transporting the captured Elephant has been broken making the elephant fallen awkward. Tusker died of suffocation as its respiratory system got blocked.

A majestic animal like Galgamuwa Tusker never destined to die like this. Cover your nose – and then the mouth…!! How long can you hold on..? How much will you suffer..?? Think of the suffering of an animal that has body size as 20 times more when he can not breathe. Galgamuwa Tusker would had such a painful last moment.

The tusker was on unrest and attacked few in the Mahagalgamuwa, Koneweva and Ganedivelwewa areas during the last few days also causing one fatality. After this, the Wild Life officials took measures to relocate the elephant.

The tragic end of a majestic tusker (c) DailyMirror

Some more media reports about the tragic end of the jumbo

7 Responses to “Tragic End of Galgamuwa Tusker”

  1. Sunimal Ekanayake Says:

    I had seen him at “ATAPATTAMA” , I heard behavior of him from the villages and farmers. I saw what he did for our village tanks (what we newly rehabilitate) My colleague said that the tucker captured yesterday is ready to remove from his home. Then I am hurry to see him . “Oh what a great animal we want to protect”. I am lucky to get the first photograph of my newly bought camera. (when I departure from home to go my office I was forget to bring the camera , But I return home and took it.) I’m so happy , A great opportunity what I had. I left him thinking he is the most suitable animal to “Dalada Perahera” .
    Today morning what a moaning news I have heard. I could not believe my hearing. I am so sad and need to know what is this pathetic news.
    My goodness He left the world. May he attained “Nibbana”

  2. janani Says:

    i am so sad about that.they should be alert .they want to think the elephant i carry is the biggest elephant of sri lanka.

  3. Lakshmi Says:

    This is horrific news. What I feel is entire episode was planned. The elephant was not transported not for his own safety but to fulfill ulterior motive of a group. Criminals’ ulterior motive would have been the tusks. Those who ganged up to end the life of the magnificent tusker needs to be served by the justice properly and if the authorities fails to do so may according to the faiths we believe in they will be punished severely during their present life or life after that! Nobody can escape that!

  4. Sunimal Ekanayake Says:

    Oh. So sad what is the happy they feel while seeing this sympathy moment.
    “Ey Hamuduruwane Hinawenne”

  5. Tharindu Muthukumarana Says:

    These kind of tuskers are rare in Sri Lanka. So the death of the Galgamuwa Tusker is nothing but tearfull story. The main thing which effect his death is the human-elephant conflict, which make elephant fron his home place to another place. Tharindu Muthukumarana.

  6. manojith Says:

    those idiots should have checked the lorry before goin to a this kind of operation…. also these fools wont maintain the trucks propelly….

  7. Subodhi Niranjala Wickramasinghe Says:

    whole play was previously planned event. there will be no justice or investigation for those who killed this great personality. why do the innocent animals have to pay their lives to fulfill politician’s stupid desires? may all the parties who involved this disgusting murder burn in hell!!!!

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