A brush with nature at KIN WILD 2012

The Young Zoologists’ Association (YZA) celebrates their 40th anniversary with their annual painting exhibition
By Malaka Rodrigo
A whole new digital world prompts many to take up the camera and shoot the wild. Exhibitions of wildlife photographs are quite common these days, but not so exhibitions of wildlife paintings. However keeping to their aim of promoting wildlife arts, the Young Zoologists are getting ready for their 18th annual wildlife painting exhibition KIN WILD 2012.

Some of the exhibits that will be on display

Wildlife art is one of humanity’s earliest art forms, dating back to prehistoric cave paintings such as those found in Lascaux, France. These were of a few large animals such as bison, deer or horse that were hunted by our human ancestors in Europe.

The focus of the young wildlife artists contributing to KIN WILD is different. Their aim is to spread awareness that it is a crime to kill all these beautiful creatures who are like our own relations in the wild; hence the title of the exhibition – KIN WILD.

These Young Zoologists have not restricted their work to only the charismatic animals such as leopards or elephants. They portray the value of our amazing biodiversity through their paintings of frogs, snakes, freshwater fish etc.

The Young Zoologists’ Association (YZA) marks their 40th anniversary this year. Started in 1972 as a small organization for youth to get together at the zoo by then director and veteran conservationist Lyn De Alwis, the society has grown to be a leading educator on wildlife and nature. YZA meets every Sunday at the Dehiwala Zoo premises and members are taught about a particular subject ranging from birds, mammals, reptiles, aquatic life and flora. Wildlife photography is taught separately.

YZA also conducts a wildlife art class on Sunday mornings to hone artistic skills among their young members. KIN WILD is the platform for these members to showcase their work. These young artists know the features and behaviour of the animals they draw, so their paintings are very close to nature.
Over 75 of paintings will be on display at the KIN WILD Exhibition. YZA welcomes all nature lovers to the exhibition that will be open to the public on June 7, 8 and 9 at the National Art Gallery.

Published on SundayTimes – 03.06.2012 – www.sundaytimes.lk/120603/Magazine/sundaytimesmagazine_02.html

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