Join the Rio Dialog – it is a Future we Want..!!


In 1992, the historical Earth Summit held in Rio de Janneiro of Brazil has made its mark by highlighting the need to move ahead on a sustainable path inorder to protect the already over-burden earth. But many of the pledges made in the Earth Summit has not been met, so the world has again called for a summit renew their commitments and review where we went wrong..

The summit will mainly centric on the theme of Green Economy, but there will be separate discussions under different themes.

  1. Water
  2. Oceans
  3. Forests
  4. Sustainable development for Fighting Poverty
  5. Sustainable development as answer to Economic and Financial Crisises
  6. Sustainable cities and innovation
  7. Sustainable energy for all
  8. The Economics of Sustainable development, including sustainable partners of production and consumption
  9. Unemployment, decent work and migration

Visit and interact by contributing to the dialog.. After all, it is the Future we Want and we may not get a second chance..!!

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