Road to the Earth Summit: RIO + 20


Today is World Earth Day. The world’s environment keeps on degrading due to acts of humankind, which is also adversely affecting all its inhabitants. To address these issues of sustainability, environmentalists gathered in Brazil’s Rio de Janeiro in 1992. World leaders and others will convene again in Rio to review what has been achieved, and to discuss how to face future challenges. ZooLander reports on RIO + 20:
World Earth Day is celebrated annually with the aim of raising awareness and appreciation of mother earth, and is celebrated in more than 175 countries.  22nd April is also going to be renamed as International Mother Earth Day, by the United Nations, with the aim of highlighting “Earth and its ecosystems are our home” 33-1and that “it is necessary to promote harmony with nature and the Earth”. This new description for 22nd April, will apply from 2015 if world leaders agree, but until then it will be the Earth Day, as it has been celebrated around the world since 1969.
There are so many Environment Days, so why another special day allocated as Earth Day..?
It is because we are using the earth’s resources unsustainably and if this mayhem continues, even humankind that initiated this destruction will be severely impacted. Most of us are taking the earth’s resources as a given. But it is not the case and there is a limit to all the resources. Earth’s human population reached 7 billion and is expected to rise further. In this context the resources of the earth will not be sufficient and if not wisely used, will collapse all the life-supporting systems on the  palnet. These which provide us clean air, water and even the ability to produce enough food for all, will come to an end.
Human activities even lead to other disasters. The high level of carbon dioxide and other green house gases already causes global warming that leads to climate change. As a result there are earthslips, prolonged droughts and fierce thunderstorms  recorded.
What is the solution..? The earth’s population is on the rise and how can we make it  a non-losing situation..? For a long time the buzzword given as the solution is ‘Sustainable Development’. Sustainable development is the use of the earth’s resources to meet human needs while conserving the environment; the needs can be met not only in the present, but also for generations to come.
But have we been successful in achieving ‘Sustainable Development’ is the question that will be discussed by world leaders and their delegates at the upcoming ‘Earth Summit’ planned to be held in Brazil’s Rio de Janeiro. Named as The United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development or in the shorter form ‘Rio + 20’, this year is a milestone summit, as it also commemorates the 20th anniversary of the original ‘Earth Summit’ held in June 1992 – with the aim of achieving sustainable development.
The objective of this conference is to secure renewed commitment to sustainable development and to meet new and emerging challenges by focusing on different areas. The delegates will discuss 7 different areas in preparation for Rio+20 covering areas of decent jobs, energy, sustainable cities, food security and sustainable agriculture, water, oceans and disaster readiness – which are becoming daily challenges in this era.
So let’s hope there will be a fruitful outcome from Rio+20 Conference 2012.  After all Venus is too Hot; Mars is too Cold and we can only live only on Earth. So let’s save Mother Earth..!

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