New-born Black Rhino dies


A Black Rhino was born last week at the Dehiwala Zoo, but died a few hours later. Zoo sources said the baby was born in the early hours of Monday, September 10. The post-mortem or necropsy revealed internal bleeding in the head of the new-born, Zoo director Anura de Silva told the Sunday Times. The injury could have been the result of a kick from the mother rhino. The post-mortem was done by a government veterinary surgeon.

The baby rhino weighed 16 kgs. A normal healthy rhino baby weighs between 30 and 35 kgs, Mr. de Silva said. The mother rhino’s pregnancy was detected only recently. The gestation period of a rhino is up to 18 months, but because of the animal’s size, a pregnancy is hard to detect.

The parent Black Rhinos, who arrived in Dehiwela in 2007, were part of an animal exchange with Japan’s Nagoya Higashiyama Zoo. Sri Lanka in turn sent two Asian Elephants, named Anula and Kosla. The Black Rhino is an endangered animal.
A few months ago, a new-born White Tiger died at the zoo.

Published on SundayTimes on 16.09.2012


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