Symposium on Combating Wildlife Crime – Day1


“The Symposium on Combating Wildlife Crime” has been organized as a side event to the 16th meeting of the CITES Conference of the Parties. This is jointly organized by CITES Secretariat and Asian Development Bank (ADB) and participated by law enforcement officers from different parts of the world. Today (10.03.2013) was the Day 1 of the event that is also participated by the Secretary General of CITES; Mr.Johan Scanlon. The Secretary General stressed that the frontline on implementing the CITES law consist of Law Enforcement officers, hence the Symposium play a great significance.

In this post, I capture some of the moments of the Day 01 of the symposium.

z CITES logos

zADB Vice President

zCItes head

zHead of CITES

z wanhua Yang

zData slide




ZFrom a distant

zKala on opening remarks 2

zGroup of participants

zKala on opening remarks

zSession 1

zThin Line


z a panel

z Chinese delegate of CITES

z Cites

z Covering the event

z Dr.Tint

z dr.william - traffic

z Giovanni Broussard - UNODC

z Glen Sant - TRAFFIC

z Iona Botezatu - Interpol - Project Predator

z Joseph Okori

z Judge from Malaysia

z Justice from Lahore

z Last session

z Locations

z networking

z on Rhinos

z Panel on

z panel

z Poached Rhinos and arrest

z Wan Ziming

Z Prof.Fabio

z Question from the participants - judge

z Question from the participants

z Question on Agar Woods

z Shark fining cartoon

z Talking on IUU fishing

z Time keeping

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