Symposium on Combating Wildlife Crime – Day2


The second day of the “Symposium on Combating Wildlife Crime” as a side event to CITES COP16 was started at Queen Sirikit Convention Centre at Bangkok on 11.03.2013. The law enforcement officers and other involved parties in addressing Wildlife Crime have shared their experiences and discussed on ‘how to tackle the ever increasing issue of Wildlife Crime’. Everyone agreed that the penalties for Wildlife Crime is not as severe in comparison with similar crimes such as Narcotics, Gold or Human Trafficking; so that criminals take Wildlife Crime as ‘Low Risk’, but ‘Highly Profitable’ act.

The days topics discussed included Curbing the Demand for Illegal Wildlife and Wildlife Products, Wildlife Crime, Anti-Corruption, Integrity and the Rule of Law, National Policy and Legal Environmental Frameworks, Innovative Wildlife Enforcement Tools and Strategies. The day’s tasks were ended with a Parallel Break-out Sessions of Professional Peer Groups.

Here are moments captured by me during the event…

2 Vote yes for sharks 3

2 a name board

2 a panel

2 Dr.Kala moderating a panel 2

2 Jorge Rios - UNODC

2 a forum

2 Wong Kesh

2 with newspaper

2 wildlife

2 Jorge Rios - UNODC

2 Wild Asia


2 Ven

2 ven.Mae Chee Sansanee

2 ven. at event

2 Steve Galster

2 Shawn Heinrichs

2 Samanth G Panel

2 Samantha G at the panel

2 Samantha G

2 panel

2 panel with ven Mae Chee and Eric Phu

2 panel with Dr.Kala

2 participants

2 Philipine marine activist

2 Trafficking route of ivory

2 Samantha Gunasekare asking a question

2 Pakistan justice - not CITES that made the first list, but Noava

2 panel 3

2 panel 4

2 Onlh way to reduce slaugher of Ivory is to reduce the demand for ivory

2 lineup to ask questions

2 listing to ven.Mae Chee Sansanee

2 Madhava Tennakoon addressing the symposium

2 Marceil Yeater of CITES

2 Marilyne P.Concalves - World Bank

2 KWS addressing the summit

2 Kesh B Shahi - Nepal Wildlife Crime Control Bureau

2 Kala with ven.

2 Justice shah

2 Justice from Malaysia

2 Jorge Rios - UNODC

2 John

2 Jesse Wong = Hong Kong Customs

2 iThink

2 James Compton - TRAFFIC

2 HongKong customs

2 Dr.Kala asking a question

2 Dr.Kala moderating a panel

2 Eric Phu

2 CITES representative

2 checking the schedule

2 Challenges of SL

2 Butan

2 Anna Oposa - Save the Philippine Seas

2 A slides - kids

2 a question

2 a question to the panel

2 a question from panel

2 a question from pakistan justice

2 a question 4

2 a presentation slide

2 a panel 2

2 a forum

2 vote for sharks2

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