Symposium on Combating Wildlife Crime – Day3


“We need better intelligence and international corporation to curb Wildlife Crime” said the law enforcement officers participating the CITES-ADB Symposium on Combating Wildlife Crime. Being the last day, the participants were teamed into different groups for Breakout sessions on selected themes.  There were 3 Tracks on Technical Training on Special Investigative Techniques, Interactive Discussions on Wildlife Law, Policy and Governance, including barriers to Convictions and Interactive Discussions on Curbing Demand for Illegal Wildlife – Making Consumers Aware, Care.

Today is also special for me, since I had been a panelist of a session on “Multi-media, Social Media and Technology: Innovating for Wildlife”. I’ve started the session talking on importance of Social media in campaigning for wildlife also higlighting that Social media is yet to make a true penetration to some of the segments of public and experts in our part of the world. I’ve also shared the challenges I face on reporting Wildlife Crime. I was bit nervous to talk among giants in the field such as Brian Christy of NationalGeographic, but many has come to me after the panel, to having chat on different aspects I highlighted. I take this as an indication that I managed to deliver my first international talk successfully 🙂

Here are some of the moments from the last day of the Symposium on Wildlife Crime..!!

3 a panel 3 A press conference on Sharks 3 a session 3 a shark expert 3 an inteview 3 Bimba Tillekeratne 3 break out session 3 Breakout session on Technology - innovating for Wildlife 3 Breakout session 3 Brian Christy of NatGeo 3 briefing 3 CITES souvenior 3 DG of Wildlife Conservation SL 3 discussing cross boundary issues 3 Dr.Kala explaining something 3 Dr.Kala interviewing Brian Christy of NatGeo 3 Dr.Stampom 3 Final session of the Symposium 3 from press conference on Sharks 3 Hongkong based marketing guy delivering the lecture 3 John Scanlon speaking at the final session 3 MR at Interview 3 MR Delivering the lecture 2 3 MR Delivering the lecture 3 3 MR Delivering the lecture 3 MR in the panel 3 offline discussion 3 panel 2 3 preparing notes 3 press conference on sharks 3 sharing some intelligence 3 Sonja Fordham of Shark Advocates 3 Summarizing discussion of a session 3 3 Summarizing discussion of a session 3 Summarizing the outcome of a session 3 supportive staff 2 3 supportive staff

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