A week with days to remind Water, Forest, Sparrows & Climate Change


Have you realized 5 international days that are having some Environmental Importance were fallen on last week..??

Yes, 23rd.March: Earth Hour & World Meteorological Day, 22nd. March: World Water Day, 21st March: World Forest Day and 20th March: World Sparrows Day were those special days celebrated last week.EarthHour

On Saturday 23rd of March two environmentally important days Earth Hourand the World Meteorological Day has been celebrated. The Earth Hour was observed across the world including Sri Lanka with many switching off lights and refrain from using other power consuming devices for an hour stating at 8.30pm. Earth Hour Co-Founder and Executive Director Andy Ridley visited Sri Lanka on last January also meeting the president Mahinda Rajapakse earning support for the campaign. He started Earth Hour in 2007 mainly aimed importance of individual action to fight the Climate Change due to excessive emission of Green House Gases such as Carbon Dioxide. As of 2012, the cause has been successfully advocated in more than 7,000 cities in 152 countries, including Sri Lanka.

The World Meteorological Day was also fallen on 23rd of March. This year’s them was ‘Attention towards weather for the protection of property and lives’ which became a timely subject with signs that Climate Change intensifying the extremity of otherwise normal weather events. Sad news also reported this week that a majestic domesticated Tusker has been killed by a lightning strike highlighting the importance of this year’s World Meteorological Day’s theme. The minister of Disaster Management Mahinda Amaraweera highlighted the need of upgrading Meteorology Department in facing these extremities of weather events.

logo for World Water dayThe theme of this year’s World Water Day which was fallen on 22nd of March has been the Water Corporation. The Year 2013 is also named as the International Year of Water Corporation highlighting the importance of managing water.  However, managing water resources has been a hotly debated issue where on several occasions it is attempted to introduce Water Policies for Sri Lanka, but political and community pressure lead to abandon these efforts. However, last year – Sri Lanka faced severe drought and then floods. During the drought, there wasn’t enough water to continue cultivations and if we had a proper water policy, this situation could have been governed and managed atleast to some point, highlights those who campaign for a water policy.

The week also marked the celebration of First-ever International Forest Day on 21st of March. This date was agreed by the UN General Assembly in November 2012 so that every year there would be one day set aside to “celebrate and raise awareness” of forests. Sri Lanka is considered as a global Biodiversity Hotspot and the diversity of life in forests contributes much for claiming this prestigious status. Forget the little creatures inhabit in this habitats. Forests perform lots of valuable Ecosystem Services that helps to regulates lots of systems support humanity and our survival such as regulating Climate and safeguarding Watershed facility. So the day has carried a special importance for Sri Lanka.

On 20th March, another day which was taking a lighter side was fallen on. It was the World Sparrows Day has been promoted by many environmental organizations in different parts of the world highlighting the perils of Sparrows. The House Sparrows known in Sinhala as ‘Ge Kurulla’ was once very common even in our households. The House Sparrows known in Sinhala as ‘Ge Kurulla’ was once very common even in our households. But they have been declined even without our knowledge. Now the ‘chirpy’ sound of this bird once common in many parts is not to be heard. Even the existing populations are declined without our knowledge. This is not a phenomena recorded only in Sri Lanka, but many something observed in many parts of the world. So the day is specially dedicated to highlight the importance of having an eye even on the common birds as there is no guarantee they would be saved.

However, these days will be only meant for raising awareness. it is highlighted no matter how many days were dedicated – public and authorities need to take up the tasks to protect our environment, otherwise the results of not taking care of our Environment will impact our own survival. Let’s all be motivated to take up the challenges of not over exploiting our natural resources.

Special days fallen on this week..

  • 23rd.March: Earth Hour
  • 23rd. March: World Meteorological Day
  • 22nd. March: World Water Day
  • 21st March: World Forest Day
  • 20th March: World Sparrows Day

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