Young Lionesses from Germany will soon be on view at Dehiwala Zoo


A pair of young lionesses arrived at the Dehiwala Zoo last Wednesday (July 3). They were a gift from Tierpark Hggenbeck Zoo, in Hamburg, Germany.  In April last year the Dehiwala Zoo got down an African lion from South Korea with the aim of breeding lions.

The lion family whose cubs were sent to the Dehiwala Zoo seen in the zoo in Hamburg

Dehiwala Zoo’s education officer, Nihal Senarath said the lionesses would be ready for public viewing in a few weeks time after the quarantine period was over, adding that they were about two years old and in good health and adapting to conditions here very well.

Before these new arrivals from Germany and South Korea the zoo was home to 6 ageing lions. They are between 15 – 20 years and are sick and weak. The zoo’s director told the Sunday Times a few months back that the old lions would be moved to an off-exhibit section of the zoo once the new arrivals came.

Other sources said the new lions would be sent to the Hambantota Safari Park, once it was completed, adding that another pair of lions are expected from a zoo in China soon.

Published on SundayTimes on 14.07.2013

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One Response to “Young Lionesses from Germany will soon be on view at Dehiwala Zoo”

  1. Chandani Says:

    Personally I am against keeping animals caged in zoos.

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