Now a mini zoo for CHOGM delegates


A mini zoo in Battaramulla is among government’s plan for entertaining CHOGM visitors according to the Botanical Gardens and Public Recreation Ministry. The mini zoo will be set up on a 3.5 acre plot of bare land adjacent to the Folk Arts Centre (Jana Kala Kendraya) in Battaramulla where a model Sri Lankan village showcasing the country’s cultural heritage will be setup.

Spotted Deer with board in Dehiwala Zoo (c) Malaka Rodrigo

Porcupines in Dehiwala Zoo (c) Malaka Rodrigo
Spotted deer and Porcupine will be among animals  you can found in this mini zoo 

Referring to the mini zoo, director of the National Zoological Gardens of Dehiwala, Anura de Silva said inmates at this zoo would be limited to a few local animals such as the Spotted Deer, Sambur, porcupines etc. He added that an aviary limited to local birds would be an added attraction.

Dr. de Silva said the idea of setting up a mini zoo limited to Sri Lankan fauna, was to give incoming CHOGM delegates a snapshot view of Sri Lanka’s biodiversity. He added that though the facility could not be considered a full-fledged zoo, it would continue to be maintained even after the CHOGM and kept open to local visitors.

Efforts were also being made to send a batch of animals to a new zoo which is being created at Ridiyagama in Hambantota. However as construction work could not be completed, the plan was shelved.

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