..beneath Ramazan’s Crescent Moon..!!


My little daughter who enjoys watching the moon every night paid my attention today to the Crescent Moon appeared on the cloudy sky. It also reminded me that today is the Ramazan Festival as celebrated by the Muslims ending their month long fasting ritual with the sighting of this ‘New Moon’.

I took a photo of the Ramazan Moon and remembered that I had photographed Vesak Full Moon too few months earlier. As the realization that it is the ‘Same Moon’ eventhough different religions interpret its appearance differently should remind everybody the futility of extremism and fighting against each other, thought of posting both photos herewith.

Wish if everybody’s mind remain unspoiled as my little daughter who can look at things through clear eyes without looking through differently colored glasses..!!

(click on the link to read my post “..beneath Vesak Full Moon” https://window2nature.wordpress.com/2015/05/03/beneath-the-vesak-full-moon/)

Ramazan's Crescent Moon revered by the Muslims - 18.07.2015

Ramazan’s Crescent Moon revered by the Muslims – 18.07.2015

vesak-full-moon-1-the-closeup (2)

The Vesak Full Moon – 03.05.2015

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