Carpeted road stretch in Yala spells death to animals


MalakaMapSince the re-opening of Yala National Park on October 7, four Spotted Deer have been killed by speeding vehicles on the recently carpeted Kirinde – Yala road.

An adult male antler that died of head injuries was among the four that were killed.

The road from Kirinde up to the Park’s ticketing office was carpeted a few months ago. Earlier, motorists could not speed on this stretch due to the bad condition of the road.

The road borders the Nimalawa Sanctuary and animals cross it mainly at dusk, the time of day when a majority of the accidents occur.

Sampath Galappaththie –Yala Safari Jeep Association coordinator says not only deer, but many smaller animals have fallen victim to speeding vehicles.

Even Bee-eaters who hop onto the road to sun bathe have met their end on this stretch, Mr.Galappaththie said adding that the deadliest stretch was about three kilometres from the ticketing office.

Following the death of a leopard by a speeding vehicle inside the Yala National Park, speed humps were set up. Our question is whether officials are waiting for a leopard to be killed on this stretch too for remedial steps to be taken.

A couple of years ago a leopard was killed on the Buttala-Kataragama road and it is only a matter of time for such an accident to occur on this stretch too.

Meanwhile Department of Wildlife Conservation (DWC) Director General H.D. Ratnayake said the road is located outside the protected area and hence its maintenance was the responsibility of the Road Development Authority (RDA). However he said DWC would work with RDA to find a solution.

However, when the Sunday Times contacted RDA they were unaware of the problem. They said that if such a problem existed, solutions like building speed humps could be looked in to.

Published on SundayTimes on 18.10.2015 –

One Response to “Carpeted road stretch in Yala spells death to animals”

  1. Ian Gardner Says:

    Our educated minds are so mindlessly full of “progress” that we act foolishly.

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