Kind hearts and a bedraggled crow


As Colombo received torrential rain this week, humans, animals and birds managed to rush to some sort of shelter, be it under a roof or in the thick foliage of a tree – all except a particular crow.

Residents of Thalawathugoda spotted the crow soaked in the rain, unable to fly. They went up close but it didn’t move. Even though the unfortunate crow is not the most attractive of birds the people of this household had it in their hearts to feel for its  discomfort.

Executing a crazy plan, they extended an umbrella attached to a stick to protect it from the torrential rain. Folding its wings, the crow seemed happy to escape the rain and was surely grateful to the wildlife lovers. The next morning, the rain had stopped and the though the umbrella was still standing the crow had disappeared.

“We hope the crow is out of harm’s way and flew back to its flock safely,” the residents said wishing to remain anonymous as they said the act was committed for the love of animals, not seeking publicity. Every day, they said, we hear bad news of humans abusing animals so may this be an example to inspire everyone to care for others.

The umbrella placed over the wet crow 

Published on SundayTimes on 27.11.2016

One Response to “Kind hearts and a bedraggled crow”

  1. fran Says:

    So kind..its wonderful and inspiring to hear this story😊

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