In other news: Environmental stories from Sri Lanka, week ending Oct 7, 2018


Red-eared terrapin: Evasive and Invasive

Environmentalists argue immediate action is necessary to control an exotic pet turtle, the red-eared slider before it causes hefty ecological costs on the country.








19m Lankans face financial hit from climate change by 2050

Living standards in the Northern and North-Western provinces will be badly affected by changing climate and the economic engine of the Western Province will also falter, according to a World Bank study that links GDP to the impact of climate change.

Move to declare open season on wild boar despite warnings

The Agriculture Ministry will seek Cabinet approval to lift the ban on the transport and sale of wild boar meat in the face of opposition from wildlife activists, citing the need to prevent the protected animal’s raids on cropland.

Leopard killed by a snares set for a wild boar – sept 26 Nawalapitiya (c) DWC ape pituwa

Bundala fish are dying due to waste from salterns, say fishermen

A large number of birds that inhabit the park and migratory birds are also under threat as their source of food, fish in the lagoon are dying due to the pollution.


Sri Lanka President emphasizes safeguarding the environment

Sri Lanka President Maithripala Sirisena said safeguarding environment is vital for the survival of all creatures including humans and that is why he had not taken many high positions entrenched with money and power and selected the Ministry of Environment to ensure the right to life of all the creatures including the human beings.

PM of Sri Lanka and Norway issue joint statement on marine life conservation

The statement states Norway and Sri Lanka share a similar conviction on prioritizing the conservation of the fragile marine environment.

Public servants liable for environmental damage in respective districts – President

The President said that all the public servants in a respective district will be liable for the environmental damage occur in that particular district and further requested to inform him if there is any political influence when enforcing the laws against environmental damage.

Female elephant electrocuted in Puwakpitiya
A female elephant died after coming in to contact with an unprotected electricity cable in Puwakpitiya, Habarana last afternoon (October 01)

Train In Sri Lanka Kills Three Elephant Calves

A passenger train hit and killed three young elephants in eastern Sri Lanka weeks after two calves and their pregnant mother were fatally struck in the same region.

Father of three dies in elephant attack

A 48-year-old father of three, died in Indigahawewa following an elephant attack.

Villagers bring relief to suffering jumbo
A team of veterinary surgeons have started treating the injured foot of this elephant at the Hondawel Pokuna Wewa area in Hambantota.

Fifteen (15) persons apprehended for engaging in illegal activities

When garbage is music to the ears

Standing out in Brad’s filmography is the unusual film Landfill Harmonic. It is the story of the recycled orchestra of Cateura, a small community outside the capital city of Asunción, Paraguay. The instruments they play are entirely made from garbage. It is the kind of story that filmmakers crave, but takes a rare eye to hunt down. “Both entertaining and educational”, it looks at the power of music as a tool for transformation, as well as the message of believing in yourself, not giving up your dreams, and making the most out of what you have in life.

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