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Wilpattu named as Ramsar Wetland

February 2, 2013

Today – the 2nd of February is World World Wetland Day. Good news is that Wilpattu named as Sri Lanka’s 6th Ramsar Wetland. Here is a little writeup published on Web Version of SundayTimes yesterday..!! 

Wilpattu National Park will be declared a Ramsar Wetland. Plans are underway to make this declaration on World Wetland Day whcih  falls tomorrow (Feb 2).

Sri Lanka signed the Convention on Wetlands in 1990 also known as the  Ramsar Convention to honor
the Iranian city where the importance of wetlands was highlighted. Bundala has become sri lanka’s
first Ramsar wetland followed by Anawilundawa, Madu ganga, Kumana and Vankalai Santuary. Wilpattu will be Sri Lanka’s 6th Ramsar Wetland.
Some 205 water bodies, both natural and manmade exist in Wilpattu national park. Special wetlands
known as ‘villus’ are the most unique feature of the Wilpattu national park which have also contributed its nameWillu-pattu meaning ‘Land of Lakes’. These villus are special habitats providing refuge for many animals including migratory birds, elephants and reptiles. Wilpattu also has a rich history which is believed be one of the initial civilizations of the country.
By – Malaka Rodrigo. Pic by Vimukthi Weeratunga