Lanka won’t reveal shark secret


Malaka Rodrigo �reporting �from Bangkok – Sri Lanka maintained total silence on how it voted as an important proposal to protect sharks and manta ray species was passed earlier this week at the 16th Conference of the Parties (COP16) of Convention on International Trade of Endangered Species of Wild Fauna & Flora (CITES) in Bangkok.

Activists canvassing for the shark vote at the Bangkok conference

The proposal was passed with a clear majority after some tense proceedings as countries opposing the decision could canvass support from other countries and call for a re-vote. As expected Japan backed by India and Gambia challenged the decision on oceanic white-tip shark while China and Grenada had attempted to reopen the debate on the listing of the three hammerhead sharks. However, there was no revote in spite of attempts to reopen the debate.

It was widely speculated that China and Japan would pressurise Sri Lanka to vote their way but, Sri Lanka’s delegation head and Wildlife Conservation (DWC) Director General H.D. Ratnayake declined to comment on Sri Lanka’s position on the basis that it was a secret ballot.Following the favourable vote these species have been listed under Appendix-II of CITES and accordingly these species of sharks and manta rays will have to be traded with CITES permits following proof that they were harvested sustainably and legally.

Mr. Ratnayake said his department would work closely with the Fisheries Department and NARA to protect these species in Sri Lankan waters. He said this was just the beginning in an area where much more had to be done to protect Sri Lanka’s marine species. The Sunday Times last week reported on the importance of Sri Lanka voting in favour of the proposal to list oceanic white-tip shark, three species of hammerhead sharks and two species of manta ray. These are threatened species in Sri Lanka’s waters because of a big export market for their dried fins and gill plates.

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Published on SundayTimes on 17.03.2013

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